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Epic Mickey Docs

A collection of research and guides for navigating and modifying the files of Epic Mickey.

IL Saves

Using an SD card, the following saves can be loaded onto a Wii console and used for IL runs. See for more information.



Level Notes Download
Gremlin Village Starts in Slalom. US (SEME)
Mickeyjunk Mountain Starts in Heaps. US (SEME)
Tomorrow City Starts in Notilus. 3 turps for the Slobber. US (SEME)
Pirates of the Wasteland Starts in Tortooga V1. US (SEME)
Lonesome Manor Starts in Graveyard. 5 TV sketches. US (SEME)
Bloticles Starts in Battle of OsTown. 6 max health. 4 TV sketches, 4 watch sketches. Provided by BananaBoi. US (SEME)
DBC II Starts in MDL2. 6 max health. 2 TV sketches, 3 watch sketches. Provided by BananaBoi. US (SEME)
Inside the Blot Starts in first area. 7 max health. Loads of each sketch. US (SEME)

Which Save Region Should I Download?

There are a few ways to identify which regional version of the game you own. On the bottom right corner of the back of the case, look for the game ID (it may look a bit different from the picture above). If it says RVL P SEME, download the US version. If it says RVL P SEMP, download the UK version. Alternatively, you can look for the small text printed on the bottom of the game disc, near the hole.

If your copy of Epic Mickey is neither SEME nor SEMP, it is incompatible with these saves. Contact @RampantLeaf#0001 in the speedrunning Discord if you need saves for other regions. Note that Japanese saves cannot be provided due to differences in the save format.