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Epic Mickey Docs

A collection of research and guides for navigating and modifying the files of Epic Mickey.



Subtitles are used to display text on the screen during cutscene videos in Epic Mickey. They are stored *.sub files and are automatically loaded by the game when a cutscene with the same name and the *.bik file extension is played. For example, if “test.bik” is played, “test.sub” will be loaded by the game. Subtitles are also sometimes referred to as “sub files”.


BlueThinner Lite

Open the subtitles.pak file in BlueThinner Lite and open any *.sub file. The subtitle file will be displayed in the editor in XML format. Each subtitle has a dialog key that corresponds to a line in the language’s dictionary file. You can edit the subtitle’s contents and save the changes back to the packfile. In EM1, the start and end times are stored in number of frames (1/30th of a second). In EM2, the start and end times are stored in seconds.