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Epic Mickey Docs

A collection of research and guides for navigating and modifying the files of Epic Mickey.

Test Levels

Certain unused test levels remain in the files of Epic Mickey. For help with loading them, consult the levels page.

Epic Mickey

North America/Europe

Name Path Notes
AVA Particles Levels/AVAParticleTests.level  
Robs Particle Zoo Levels/SH_Lighting_Test.level  
Jeff Tses Particle Zoo Environments/_Test/Jeff_Tse_TestLevel.gsa  
Eve_Colvin_Zoo Levels/Eve_Colvin_Zoo.level  
Jamey_Test Levels/JM_Test_01.level No ground collision.
Common_FX_Zoo levels/Common_FX_Zoo.level  
EB_VillageTest Levels/EB_VillageTest.level  
Mickey Arcade Levels/mickey_arcade.Level No lighting, completely black. Changing the void color to white makes it a bit more navigable.
Author: Mark Capers
Building Standards,
JeffM's test level
Levels/BuildingStandards.level No lighting, mostly black. Changing the void color to white makes it a bit more navigable.
BT_ShaderTest Levels/BT_ShaderTest.level  


All of the test levels from the North American/European versions exist in the Japanese version, in addition to the following Japan-exclusive level:

Name Path Notes
Wal-Mart White Room Levels/WM_WhiteRoom.level  

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Section coming soon.